My name is Sabrina Brugmann also known as Sasa Elebea.

I’m an Argentinean illustrator and tattoo artist, living in Tel Aviv.

My work consists of writing empowering quotes on illustrations of women and feminine objects.

I look forward to sharing a positive message on my Instagram to keep people inspired and motivated.

I believe that a positive way of thinking, and living a mindful life can make a huge impact on the mood.

On my designs, I share that experience with all the ones that are looking for this feeling.​


As a child, I loved drawing, so when I finished school I decided to study industrial design and it was perfect for me.
After a few years in university, I started being interested in graphic design and illustration. I decided to start investing some of my time doing research on that subject, and after I had a few illustrations done I decided to open a Flickr account, that was around the year 2007.
With the time I developed my own particular style for my illustrations. For the texts, I get inspired by the city and the social situations around the world.
I write most things I’m going through, which makes it very authentic.
It comes right from the heart.
For general inquiries hola.elebea@gmail.com
For wholesale submit the request on Redbubble.
Licence available on Adobe Stock.