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Making your body smaller doesn't mean making it stronger or healthier.

Sasa Elebea body positive iskra

I have a special request for you today, this is to share this message with the younger members of your family, is important to teach them self love, mindfulness, mental health, and gratefulness.

This message is related to the new weight watchers app for kids to lose weight.

Growing up as a ballerina, the message we got was to be a feather and act as the body needs to be in a certain shape.

I heard that cellulitis was bad when I was 8 years old. This was not an empowering message, this was not body positivity.

I want the next generations to not be slaves of the diet industry, a to have love for preparing and eating the food that the planet is giving us and to enjoy life. To be happy on their bodies without thinking abut weight loss.

How can we make this change possible?

Teach about nutrition, how to eat things that are beneficial for the body and how the food is processed inside of us.

Do more grocery shopping, have a full fridge ready to cook, and bring the kids and teenagers on your family to the kitchen, show them the process and the joy of preparing a meal.

Teach about acceptance and self love, there is nothing more important than being grateful and happy on your own skin.


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