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Instagram is a great platform to share our voices and empower other people to do the same.

As a creator I find myself putting my own content on Instagram, and I've seen my art many times with no credit and that my intellectual property was stolen for views or even used as products.

I know that sometimes users forget to add credits accidentally, but as we are all small business owners it’s mandatory for us to support each other and add the sources in the right way.

Instagram Sasa Elebea

Give credit and add a tag

Even if you have the permission for repost, give credit and add a tag. Sharing a person's work without adding tags reflects poorly on your account and if you never publish any original content, you will find the number of followers dropping because the main value of your account will come from your original ideas.

Add tags in both the image and in the caption. This will let your followers know where the inspiration came and it also ensures that your posy will be seen by the original account and this brings more exposure to your own feed.

Ask first

Many creators make a living from their art so you can't assume that the content is free for the taking. In my case I share how to tag on my highlights and many other artists do the same, check before.

Instagram Sasa Elebea

Pinterest is not a stock image bank

In my case, all the images are on one Pinterest board and they can be reposted and pinned with proper credit.

Don't download and print, is intellectual property infringement and in many cases this can go into a law suit. Avoid yourself legal repercussions. The only authorised seller for my art is my Redbubble shop.

Avoid editing

If my content doesn’t go well with your o

their photos don't use it. Repost it as it comes or find something else.

If you want to customise my images I sell them as templates on Adobe Stock.

Don’t use my images to promote your business

Don't assume that my feed is a source of free stock images. If the illustration belongs to an artist means that they invested time, effort and years of experience on their content, you can't just use it because it's online.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 01, 2023

There is such a problem and it will most likely never disappear, since there is a lot of content and it is simply unrealistic to keep track of everything. I add watermarks to my videos in the editor, then compress them in size using this, then upload them to instagram and follow the views.

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