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Yesterday on my yoga class I was trying to perform a graceful side plank, but I was so tired that I could not even hold it for a few seconds. I realised that I got absolutely pissed off and dissapointed on myself. I'm so grateful to discover this kind of reactions so that I can turn them in to kindness to my self.

So I went deeper and I found out that I was getting a lot of criticism about many things, small stuff, but things that made me feel bad, like "not perfect enough".

There are many people around us pointing us what we are doing wrong and our mistakes.

Some might call this constructive criticism, sometimes it feels more like judgmental behavior.

The reason we feel bad about this is that we gave them our power.

The thing is, that you can't control the way people feel, and you won't feel good if you are expecting to fulfil their needs of perfection right?

Sasa Elebea women empowerment

Every person you have around you is an indicator of your vibration, and when this happens to me it's because I'm being too hard on myself and I feel frustrated when I can't accomplish something up to my standards.

So what can I do to change my point of attraction?

My exercise is very simple but it requires attention and focus.

First I ask myself: Do I need to to do it all right? Is anybody going to feel better as soon as I do everything perfect?

The answer is no, only I can bring myself happiness, and my joy it's not up other people and what they think of me.

So I try to focus on knowing myself better, loving the version of myself that I'm today. and put the attention on the person I know I'm becoming, regardless of other's opinion.

I think very strong on what kind of people I want to attract in to my life, people that are supportive and that are looking for positive things, people that feel good.


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