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Today I'm writing about a very exciting topic, because I'm going to talk to you about creative visualisation. This is one of the most requested topics I've received from my instagram followers, and in this post I will explain you how I manifested so many amazing things in to my life when I started to work using law of attraction about 3 years ago.

Sasa Elebea women empowerment

I want to tell you about the aspects in my life that have changed thanks to creative visualisation and give you a little bit of inspiration to apply it in your own life.

It's important to know that this tips that I'm giving to you will work only if you take action, you can't just sit on your desk and wait for a magic turn, doing the same thing every day won't bring any change.

As well as if you only do without adding a visualisation on your goals, you won't get anywhere.

You must know what is that specific life you want to live. You need to know how it looks and specially how it feels.

The first step is to actually believe

If you don't see yourself there, if you don't feel worthy of the life you want, it will not work.

Some people think that creative visualisation doesn't work and that law of attraction is a myth, but this is because you need to be patient and you have to stop being lazy.

I will tell you that it takes time to get in to alignment with the person you want to become and to achieve the goals, you will have to work, but specially on yourself.

A few years ago I left my position as a part time illustrator on a very nice company, I had a great salary and a beautiful group of people around me. The job was perfect, but inside of me I felt that I needed to do something more meaningful with my life.

After I left I had good periods and I had also bad times where I didn't have enough money to have the lifestyle level that I deserve.

Those hard times I could always choose to go back to work on a part time job, but I didn't give up because I always knew that I'm bigger than the situation.

That's why being patient is so important. The seed won't become a tree in one day, you have to wait, add water, love and sun.

So, in order for this to work for you, you will have to be patient and to constant.

Don't do it for a week, then get bored and forget about it.

This needs to be your lifestyle, you have to be consistent with it, and in that way you will start getting evidence more and more.

Sasa Elebea women empowerment

A great way to start your day is by being grateful

Take a journal, it doesn't have to be a new one, but a special one that you use to write what are you grateful for.

It's easier to do it in the beginning of the day because is a new fresh start and this will set the tone for the current day and put you in a higher vibration automatically.

Another good practice is to make a vision board

Vision boards are great to really put your thoughts in images. When you want something you need to see it every day and remind yourself what your goals are. I'm not taking about material objects only, it can be mindfulness, health, be more present, more freedom.

All this concepts mean different things for all of us, so it's important to know what freedom means for you, lets say for me is about working from home next to my cat, for someone might be work from a coffee shop or changing position on the company they are in. That's why is important to be specific, and fill this bard with all the images and words that YOU want to add.

Sasa Elebea women empowerment

Make a list

My next tip is to make a list of how do you feel living this life. If you want to be economic independent, describe how it feels and why you deserve it. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family and friends, maybe you want to have time to help other people, or be able to make a trip. Whatever is your motivation write what is the goal and how it makes you feel.

Is very important for this tip to remove any negative feelings of lack. You can't attract anything from a negative point of view, if you want to be healthy you can't say that is because you hate your body, it should be because you love your body and you will enjoy to be able to go for a long walk, or be more flexible while doing yoga.

Use affirmations

Another thing that really helped me is to make affirmations, of course you need to believe it to make it happen. You have to start with easy things, like I'm free, I have a functioning body, I have abundance in my life.

When you want to have evidence of this things you can choose anything around you that shows this to you.

Let's say, when I think of abundance I like to look at the sky and imagine how much air is available for us, or go to the beach and see the sand or look at the sea, there is so much of it. You can choose whatever works for you, but make sur to keep this thoughts with you all day and this will make you stay on a higher vibration.


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